Apricot marmalade

75 kr
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Apricot marmalade has always been a breakfast favorite. Full with the flavour and scent of fresh apricots selected from the best varieties in Crete, Arodama Apricot Marmalade is rich in vitamin A, minerals and fiber, while the touch of natural lemon juice gives it a uniquely wonderful flavor. No added preservatives. 100% Natural.

For breakfast, heat at a low temperature for 2-3 minutes and pour over pancakes, adding some powdered sugar, chopped nuts, walnuts or almonds and cinnamon.

Glass jar. 220g.

Brand & Origin
Aródama, Crete, Greece.

Fresh Apricots, Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice.

Nutrition Facts per / 100 gr
Energy 828 kcal/3404 KJ  Fat 0,1g of which: - Saturates 0 g
Calories 254 Carbohydrate 61,5 g, of which: - Sugars 54 g  Protein 0,7 g  Salt 0g