Kiwi-Apple & Banana marmalade

75 kr
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A unique taste for the most demanding marmalade lovers. The harmonious combination of fruits provides nutrients rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and fiber, while a touch of fresh lemon juice brings out their full flavor.

Arodama kiwi marmalade with apple and banana is a top-quality spread for a delicious change of pace at breakfast time. No added preservatives. 100% Natural.

Try Arodama Kiwi marmalade with prosciutto or smoked sausage as an appetizer or brunch. For tempting pastry, use it as a tart filling or a classic cheesecake, garnished with lemon zest. 

Glass jar. 220g.

Brand & Origin
Aródama, Crete, Greece.

Fresh Apples, Kiwi, Banana, Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice.

Nutrition Facts per / 100 gr
Energy 828 kcal/3404 KJ  Fat 0,1g of which: - Saturates 0 g
Calories 254 Carbohydrate 61,5 g, of which: - Sugars 54 g  Protein 0,7 g  Salt 0g