Organic Sweet Vinegar with Bergamot "Agiorgitiko"

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The LADOLEA organic sweet vinegar with bergamot is a unique combination of red vinegar and grape syrup from the famous Agiorgitiko grape, flavoured with natural bergamot peels.

This vinegar is completely organic and natural, free from any preservatives or additives such as sulfites, colouring or sugar.

Intense bergamot aromas, notes of sundried citrus fruit and spices

Beautifully combined with green salads, fish, red pasta sauces, marinades and vinaigrette with LADOLEA Olive Oils

Glass bottle: 250 ml 

Brand & Origin
Ladolea, Corinthia, Greece.

Nutrition Facts per / 100 ml
Energy values 117 kcal / 496 KJ  
Fat 0g  Carbohydrate 28,4g of which - Sugars- 24,7g
Dietary Fiber 0,0g  Protein 0,0g  Salt 0,27g

Product of Organic Farming
Certified by the Biohellas Institute,
According to EU Regulation 834/2007,
Greece Agriculture, GR-BIO-04,