Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Patrinia"

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The multi-award winning LADOLEA olive oils are 100% single variety and each oil is produced from a different variety of olives grown exclusively in the northern region of the Peloponnesian peninsula.

The Patrinia Organic Extra Virgin olive oil is of the highest quality. Coldpressed exclusively in the mechanical process immediately after harvesting. The olives of the "Patrinia" variety from Melissi in Corinth are harvested relatively early and are therefore particularly rich in flavors, antioxidants and nutrients.

LADOLEA olive oil, which has won many international awards for taste and design, comes in a unique handmade pottery inspired by the old vessels used to keep the oil protected from light and taste.

Well-balanced, delicate and sweet aroma, light fruitiness, banana and herbal notes.

Complimentary use in every dish, better suited to mild foods, fish, salads and gourmet sweet.

Ceramic pot: 200 ml / 600 ml 

Brand & Origin
Ladolea, Corinthia, Greece.

Nutrition Facts per / 100 ml
Energy values 828 kcal / 3404 KJ  
Fat 91,6g of which - Saturates- 13,8g, Monounsaturated- 71,1g, Polyunsaturated- 6,7g
Carbohydrate 0,0g  Dietary Fiber 0,0g  Protein 0,0g  Salt 0,0g

Product of Organic Farming
Certified by the Biohellas Institute,
According to EU Regulation 834/2007,
Greece Agriculture, GR-BIO-04,