Olive Paste with Thyme Honey

75 kr
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Spicy pâté that tops tapenade!

Fragrant, intensely flavored, this unusual tapenade made with genuine Cretan thyme honey delightfully surprises even the most stern of connoisseurs. With its magically balanced combination of flavors, its savory piquancy enhanced by just a hint of sweetness on the palate, Arodama Olive Paste with Honey is a delicacy which can be enjoyed daily in many delicious Mediterranean recipes. No added preservatives. 100% Natural.

Serving Suggestions
On a slice of freshly baked bread, place a sweet Cretan Graviera (Gruyére-type) and 1-2 tablespoons of Arodama Olive Paste with Thyme Honey. Top with 1-2 small leaves of fresj basil or mint.

Glass jar: 100gr 

Brand & Origin
Arodama, Crete, Greece.