Organic Lemon Verbena

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Owing to the unique Greek climate and soil conditions, the Greek verbena is of excellent quality, fragrance and taste.

Organic loose herbal blend, hand-picked Savor the finest quality, enchanting aroma and incomparable flavor of Greek organic Lemon Verbena. Caffeine-free, with no artificial fragrances. 15 tea bags & 6 wooden sticks included.

A lovely relaxing drink with many beneficial properties, among which we mention the most important: Soothing for the stomach and digestive system. As a diuretic, it helps eliminate fat, and is recommended as a natural detoxifier.
An effective tonic, but at the same time soothing. Antipyretic. Relieves migraines.

Served hot or chilled with honey or plain

Lemon Verbena leaves

Brand & Origin
Anassa Organics, Attika, Greece.

Great Taste Awards 2016, London - AMBIENT PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2016
Great Taste Awards 2016, London - 3 stars
Great Taste Awards 2015, London - 1 star


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